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Hawk Healthcare

EAFS Self-service Award 2009 Winner

We have developed a special emergency kiosk to prevent people from dying of heart failure before an ambulance arrives. The idea is simple: if somebody gets in trouble, one can walk towards the kiosk, break the glass, turn a knob, open the door and by removing the suitcase with the defibrilator a built in mobile phone will automatically contact 112 and an ambulance knows exactly where to find the emergency point kiosk, thanks to the suitcase's built-in GPS module. The public will be informed how to use the defibrilator by a simple continuous on-screen presentation. Kiosks can be positioned in all public places like shopping malls, railroad and bus stations, public libraries, city halls, etc. The kiosk shown here is a modified Hawk model with top roof and HiBright LED lightning.

Owl in-wall kiosk
Owl in-wall kiosk
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