Kiosk for cash collection

Kiosk for cash collection

POWER kiosk presents a new varsion of Eagle Magnum II kiosk with Bulk Note reader KDA10 with 2000 notes capacity of the cash box. 

This makes the Eagle Magnum II an excelent solution for a Retail and Banking sectors and other public service providers for an easy, fast and secure cash collection. 

The basic configuration is as follows:

  • 21,5inch PCAP touchscreen LCD
  • KDA10 Bulk note reader with 100notes inlet/reject capacity, speed up to 300 notes per minute, include OCR serial number reading, basic 2000 cash box capacity can be increased upon request.
  • Coin acceptor EMP850 with 6l stanless steel safe box.
  • 80mm Thermal receipt printer

Visit the product page of Eagle Magnum II to see other modifications of this kiosk.