Heron kiosk for payment & ticketing


The small dimensions and very small footprint of the kiosk combined with the attractive design and strong build quality allow you to use the Heron kiosk in most indoor kiosk applications - such as indoor ticketing and payment systems.

Payment & Ticketing & Information kiosk Heron - basic specification

  • 19inch LCD with PCAP Touchscreen
  • Welded metal construction made of 2mm thick steel
  • Wide Colour Choice
  • Security rod lock
  • Removable pedestal for kiosk preparation on location

As a modern alternative can be used the kiosk Eagle Magnum II for example.

Heron 19"

  • 19" LCD display, 1280x1024
  • PCAP multi-touch flat sensor, antiglare
  • Flexible construction allows adding many optional peripherals
  • Dimmensions: 1255x454x385mm
Heron kiosk for payment & ticketing
Heron kiosk for payment & ticketing


  • 15″ or 17″ LCD with touchscreen
  • Industrial PC Intel Core i3 or i5
  • Vandal-proof touchscreen
  • Thermal Printers 60 – 112mm
  • Webcam
  • Card Reader (chip, magnetic, noncontact)
  • Barcode Reader
  • Banknote Acceptor
  • Coin Selector
  • Special colour and graphics
  • UPS
  • WLAN
  • Other peripherals on request